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The full renovation of a detached 4 bed/1.5 bath single family home (approx. 1,292 sqf)  in the rural area of Eastern Switzerland. 

The owners had a budget of $150k to bring the house back to shape after 30 years of tenancy use. Our responsibilities included drafting blueprints, reviewing quotes from subcontractors, construction project management, demolition, execution of carpentry works, painting and further finishings.

1. Old dining area and kitchen before demolition and enlargement of the kitchen area

2. Old kitchen

3. Construction site after breakout of wall between kitchen and dining area

4. Kitchen wall ready for pluming

5. New open kitchen and dining area finished

6. New open kitchen finished

7. Old staircase ground level

8. Old staircase through construction time

9. New staircase ground level finished

10. Staircase ground floor and living room finished

11. New staircase finished (view from above)

12. Old staircase / wood panelling painted

13. New staircase finished (corner view)

14. Old staircase first floor (view from above)

15. Staircase first floor view / wood panelling painted

16. New staircase first floor finished

17. Old sink half bath ground floor

18. New sink half bath ground floor

19. Old toilet half bath ground floor

20. New toilet half bath ground floor

21. Painting master bedroom

22. Painter in action

23. Drywall master bedroom through construction time

24. Master bedroom finished

25. Bedroom through construction time

26. Bedroom finished

27. Kids bedroom through construction time

28. Second kids bedroom through construction time

29. Second kids bedroom finished

30. Second kids bedroom finished

31. Kids bedroom / primed drywall

32. Kids bedroom finished

33. Hallway first floor through construction time

34. New sink in full bath first floor

35. Old sink in full bath

36. Hallway first floor finished

37. New full bath

38. Old full bath

39. New bath tub full bath

40. Old bathtub in full bath

41. Skylight wood frame in full bath

42. Old wall and skylight full bath

43. New skylight and woodframe

44. New skylight and wood frame

45. New skylight finished

46. Skylight and full bath finished

47. Old balcony

48. New balcony railing and facade finished

49. New balcony finished

50. Old balcony railing

51. Guest room / hobby room in basement

52. Old door to basement

53. New door to basement

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