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This is us

We are a married couple from Switzerland and recently moved over to the beautiful San Diego area. Our long lasting dream finally came true and we are thrilled to put our expertise and passion at work to provide our customers with Swiss quality homes.


Lukas Zollinger

CEO & Owner

Lukas completed a three year apprenticeship as a Carpenter in Switzerland. After he got licensed, he continued working as licensed carpenter for one year. Soon thereafter, the dream to live and work in the United States came into his heart. In preparation of this adventure, he completed the four year Advanced Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Construction Engineering / Interior Architecture in July 2017. Lukas and his wife felt that the time was ripe to move over to San Diego and start their own business.

"I am very passionate about applying my expertise as carpenter and interior architect in our remodeling / construction projects and building quality homes in modern design. Skilled craftsmanship means attaching high importance to accuracy and reliability." 


Jasmine Zollinger

Business Development

Jasmine completed a four year study in translation at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. After graduation she joined a renowned business law firm and worked 6 1/2 years as legal assistant and 2 1/2 years as Intellectual Property paralegal. 

In summer 2017, Jasmine joined her husband's dream and as the preparations for the big adventures have been progressing, Jasmine could not wait to finally make their dream come true.

"I share my husband's passion for modern design and high quality living. It is a great privilege for me to have the opportunity to work on projects together. I am very excited to bring my experience in the administrative and legal field into our company."

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