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Swiss Quality - Accuracy - Reliability
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Our mission is to make old things new bring outdated homes  

does not only consist of making our customers' dreams come true but also to use the latest technologies for their economic and ecologic advantage.


We rely on high quality execution of our projects, using only long-life materials and the most recent technologies for residential properties. Further, we only use recyclable, environmental friendly materials such as wall paints that are particularly skin friendly and formaldehyde free materials. We also support ecological building methods and do not use any products made of rainforest materials. Short transport routes will also influence our choice of construction materials.


We help our customers to reduce their footprint by equipping their homes with energy and resources saving systems. We enable them to save energy through better insulation values and to generate energy with the most recent technologies, such as solar collectors. We use wastewater filters that recycle wastewater from the shower for toilet flushing and lawn irrigation, which allows our customers to safe fresh water. On demand, we will also equip real estate properties with the latest tech features, such as door locks that can be opened via smartphone or control of energy sources such as heating, air-conditioning or lighting via smartphone. Furthermore, we plan to equip our customers’ homes with tailor-made security systems to protect properties and residents.

What is Swiss Quality?

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